What do we do?

We build a synergy between optimum architecture of human resources in a company, professional aspirations and qualifications of employees. We support our customers in achieving a continuous market advantage thanks to their key resource created by people.

We help our clients
in their development.

We do our best to ensure that the people being employed feel they have made the best choice and their employers-to-be feel that they hired the best possible candidate.

We set
the bar high.

We set our bar very high, hence we particularly appreciate the most demanding projects.

About us.

Our history is based on the stories of our candidates and business partners. We believe that provision of professional recruitment services is only one part of the wider perspective of managing a business.


The recruitment process for us means the beginning of a proper path, hence, we support companies not only in their recruiting but also in other related processes. Despite the fact that numbers are important, we measure our achievements through satisfaction of our Partners as well as the trust of people with whom we cooperate.



Workwill is a synonym for quality. We are a fully involved, independent expert in the area of HR offering top-quality services.


At the centre of our activities, we focus on fair relationships with Partners based on honesty and authenticity. We act in a responsible manner keeping the above relationships in mind.


We strive for perfection. We increase our standards and develop our offer continuously to ensure it meets the expectations of the most demanding customers.


Services WORKWILL®


We specialise in recruitment for the IT sector. Being mindful of the existence of a broader ecosystem, we also cooperate with partners in other sectors of the industry.


A new job often involves relocation. We help companies and candidates with easy and effective completion of this process.


We cooperate with companies in the effective induction of employees bringing them up to full effectiveness in a shorter period.


We advise our partners on creation of a HR architecture adjusted to the goals of a given organisation.


Project work has its own set of rules, which is why we support both companies and employees in a smooth transition of the employment form.